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First of all thank you to everyone interested in our animals!

For poultry I will have hatching eggs & chicks available for Splash Laced Red Wyandottes & Double Silver Laced Barnevelders. 

For boer breeding animals I will have at least 4 registerable bucklings & possibly a few 50% registerable doelings.

I will have a bunch of meat wethers ready for August/Sept and we do offer on farm slaughter as we are licensed for that.

I’ve learned over the years not to pre-sell animals as a lot can change in that time frame so I will not take deposits for animals now. Everything that I will have for sale will be posted on here & my facebook page (@petryshenboers) around July-Aug.

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2022 Animals: Product



Rafter N Motion Picture


DOB: Dec 8/18

Teat Structure: Clean 2x2

Offering one of my herd sires for sale as he’s worked himself out of a job. If you’re looking for a buck that will work hard and cover alot of does he’s your man. Great feet, strong legs, he’s use to being out on pasture and pushing bush. He hasn’t been sitting in a barn. Trained on electric fence and respects it. Mingles well in the buck pen when not working but he will fight to be top buck once his working clothes are on. Tested negative in June/21 for Johne’s & CAE. Semen tested fall of 2021 & passed with a 99%. Kids over the last 3 yrs are averaging 0.4lbs/day rate of gain on 90day weights.

Medical history- Yearly vaccinated with Once PMH intranasal. Sept 2021 he received his annual Glanvac 6 vaccine. Just received valbazen deworming, feet trimmed & Eprinex pour on. Can work with you and one of the many haulers that go through.

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2022 Animals: Product
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